James R. Cornell Publishes His New Book Unseen Lives – A Stark Exploration of Poverty in America, Now Available Online

An exciting new development is happening in slice-of-life

literature. Inspired by real-life events during his social services career, author James R. Cornell has penned Unseen Lives presenting multiple eye-opening and moving narratives.

Each of the main characters struggles to cope with circumstances they did not create but which are profoundly affecting their lives.

In the first chapter, we are introduced to Alice. She is a mother of three young children who does her best to be a good mother. However, the challenges of poverty and dependency conspire to subject them to abusive and neglectful situations that bring the child welfare system into their lives. Through her story, Cornell portrays the circumstances of people living marginalized lives. Poverty in America is more than having little money. It echoes through unresponsive systems, victimizing relationships, disabilities, and lack of access to medical care and education.

Later, we meet Bobby, a 19-year-old, fresh out of foster care and jail for impulsive acts he commits due to his unmedicated ADHD. He tries to have the life all young people desire: a home, safety, adventure, respect, and a romantic relationship.

Perhaps most damaging is the lack of respect society accords to the impoverished. People living in poverty struggle to maintain dignity and self-respect while bearing the burden of stigma and prejudice.

This novella is a call to empathy, urging the reader to understand the realities of those living on society’s fringe. It encourages us to rise above stereotypes and misconceptions that attach themselves to our less fortunate brethren. Cornell’s novella shows that the impoverished share the same aspirations and values as the readers: desire for a better life, love for family, and the pursuit of happiness.

Cornell leaves us with a beacon of hope! Working with this population, he realized many people have deep values, courage, resilience, and kind hearts. He sees that they also possess the strength and tenacity to persevere in situations we may find overwhelming.

Unseen Lives is not a complaint about our view of poverty or unjust systems. It’s a story of human beings at their best and worst. It asks us to look past circumstances and stereotypes and strengthen our compassion and empathy. Systemic issues perpetuating poverty indeed exist. However, dedicated workers and caring foster parents make the system work for those it was designed to benefit.

About the Author:

James R. Cornell’s deep understanding of poverty arises from his diverse professional background. His service in LBJ’s War on Poverty, the Peace Corps in Colombia, and a 35-year career in County Social Services and Child Welfare establishes his credibility on the subject. Coming from a background in psychology and sociology, he focuses on under-represented stories from the depths of poverty and disability. His years working with poor farmers in rural Colombia have also influenced his narrative style. He captures the human experience with authenticity and provides a window of support that we can help open.

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