OTER®: Innovating the Multi-Sensory Sleep Space

In the tide of modern technology OTER® shines as a beacon, seamlessly blending ancient Eastern philosophy with cutting-edge health technology. The genesis of OTER® stems from a tale of personal adversity, founded by Josh in 2019, and has now evolved into an international tech brand dedicated to enhancing individual health.

From Meditation to Innovation

Immersed in meditation, Josh uncovered a profound truth – healing occurs when life simplifies. This revelation led him to contemplate the universal need for physical and mental well-being. Thus, OTER® was conceived as a fusion of rational technology and human warmth, a brand bringing tranquility and joy.

OTER®: Transforming Sleep Experiences with Impressive Results

OTER’s impact on reshaping the sleep narrative is remarkable with 11% users indicating a marked reduction in insomnia incidents, 32% experiencing increased sleep depth and 28% observing enhanced overall sleep quality. These results signify OTER’s dedication towards altering sleep patterns and providing measurable advantages to widespread audiences.

Infusing Eastern Wisdom

The principles of light, sound, and aroma as affecting physiological and psychological equilibrium are staunchly believed by OTER®. Intriguingly, OTER® subscribes to the belief that all entities emanate from the universe, infusing spirits and materials with unseen spatial elements.

Innovating the Sleep Space 

CurBot®: Automatic Curtain Opener

CurBot®, one of OTER®’s core products, make your curtain smart in 10 seconds. It schedules the opening and closing of curtains to create a serene sleep environment. In the morning, CurBot® gently opens curtains with natural sounds and fresh scents. At night, it slowly closes curtains, playing meditation audios and releasing lavender fragrances, crafting a tranquil atmosphere for a restful night.

AuraBot: Sleep Fragrance Device

Another core product, AuraBot, introduces scents like lemon and lavender to your sleep space, modulating mood and creating a serene atmosphere. Whether boosting vitality in the morning or inducing peaceful sleep at night, AuraBot becomes your emotional well-being companion.

SoulBot: Invisible Meditation Bluetooth Speaker

SoulBot, a star in OTER®’s product ecosystem, delivers a unique audio experience. Playing exclusive audios, from natural sounds to meditation tracks, SoulBot enhances the tranquillity of your sleep and rest. Without a visible speaker, you can enjoy clear and captivating sounds.

By focusing on the sleep space, OTER® is committed to creating a perfect resting environment for everyone, turning health from a vast concept into a nightly reality of sweet dreams.

Good night.

Discover OTER for superior rest: www.oter-group.com

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