Experience FITE: Transforming CeFi with Innovative Reward Strategies

London, UK, 4th January 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The
FITE team proudly announces the launch of their groundbreaking platform in the Centralized Finance (CeFi) arena, named FITE—an acronym for “First In To Earn.” This innovative platform simplifies the process of earning digital rewards, making it accessible to the average internet user.

FITE is set to transform the social CeFi landscape with its unique approach that combines liquid staking and a strong community focus. The platform, operating similarly to liquid staking, enables users to earn rewards without any lock-in period, differentiating itself by allocating funds across a variety of exchanges, both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX), for trading purposes.

The platform’s core features include:

  • FITE (First In To Earn): The brand and platform name, symbolizing the pioneering spirit of the platform.
  • FITER: Professional traders on the FITE platform.
  • FITE Rewards: Daily rewards in USDT earned by validating FITERs.
  • FITE Buddies: FITE referral program.
  • Buddies Commission: Commission earned whenever a new Buddy is referred and qualified. Up to 20% and up to 2 levels are rewarded on top of the FITE Rewards.

FITE’s innovative approach allows users to deposit and validate FITERs, contributing to a fund pool that is then invested in CEX/DEX for trading activities. This creates a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both the community and professional traders, with users earning daily FITE Rewards (in USDT) for their participation.

Enhancing its appeal, FITE introduces the FITE Buddies referral program. Users can share their exclusive FITE link, encouraging others to join. For each new member that claims rewards, the referrer earns an additional 20% commission, amplifying their earning potential.

FITE stands out with its user-friendly interface, requiring no sign-up process—just a wallet connection. The platform anticipates offering attractive APRs of 100%-120%, outperforming standard liquid staking rates. Security is a top priority for FITE, minimizing risks typically associated with liquid staking.

Moreover, the platform offers diverse validation opportunities, allowing users to validate multiple FITERs and enhance their reward prospects. FITE Buddies is more than a feature; it’s a community-building tool, fostering social interaction and a vibrant, engaging user base.

The official FITE website is now live, inviting users to join and start validating FITERs from January 2024. FITE actively engages with its community through various social media channels, including Twitter, Telegram, Discord, YouTube, and Instagram, providing spaces for learning, trading insights, and community interaction.

As the name implies, First In To Earn ensures that early adopters enjoy the highest rewards possible. This will be achieved through several rewards schemes and mechanisms which benefit early joiners. FITE encourages interested parties to visit their website and social media pages for more information:

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