River and Stone Tea Delivers Freshly Milled Premium Matcha to Customers Nationwide

With three hand-carved Japanese granite matcha mills now in operation, River & Stone Tea delivers multiple cultivars of freshly milled premium and rare matcha for retail and commercial customers.

Minnesota, United States, 29th Mar 2023 – River & Stone Tea, a Minnesota-based company, offers ceremonial-grade blended and single cultivar matcha that is freshly milled using granite matcha mills, imported from Japan. Fresh matcha is naturally smooth and creamy, without the bitterness and astringency often found matcha milled overseas months prior to consumption.

Matcha is the finely milled product of a shade-grown Japanese green tea called tencha. Until tencha is milled, it is not matcha. The experience of milled tea is distinct from that of brewed loose-leaf. Both the flavor and texture are unique, and one ingests the entirety of the milled tea leaf when dissolved in water, rather than only the water-soluble elements. 

River & Stone Tea sources the highest quality tencha from Uji, in Japan’s Kyoto Prefecture, home of the world’s best and most reputable tencha growers. The company mills fresh, ceremonial-grade matcha daily, offering customers an incredibly smooth, delicious, and creamy taste.

At River & Stone Tea, customers can choose from among a wide range of matcha cultivars, including Gokou, Asahi, and Okumidori among others. 

The company also offers a selection of hand-made matcha bowls and gift sets, including an Elegant Bamboo Matcha Gift Set, which comes with a handmade bamboo matcha bowl, matcha storage container, bamboo whisk, scoop and spoon, a towel, a whisk stand, and bamboo tray. 

Explore our website or contact me directly if you’re interested in experiencing matcha in its most traditional and delicious form. Our single cultivars and blended offerings are all really fantastic,” the company’s founder Simon Parish stated. “All of our products are available for retail sales and wholesale to coffee and tea shops, brewers, ice cream makers, bakers and others.

The traditional way to prepare ceremonial-grade matcha is to warm up a large bowl for whisking, place a teaspoon or 2 grams of matcha in the bottom, prepare water to about 160 F, and mix in a little bit of water to form a smooth paste. Then, add a bit more water, just enough to whisk. Whisk as fast as you can and gently whisk at the top of the foam to break up the larger bubbles into a microfoam. Pour more water if desired and quickly drink it,” Simon added.


About River & Stone Tea

Founded in 2020, River & Stone Tea is a Minnesota-based company offering ceremonial-grade matcha that is freshly milled in Minnesota, using authentic matcha mills.

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