Pepe Ape Yacht Club Finalizes Legends NFT Collection, Featuring Elvis Presley Photos and Music Courtesy Of Louisiana Hayride Archives

USA — Pepe Ape Yacht Club and Louisiana Hayride Archives collaborated to create a one-of-a-kind NFT called “PAYC Legends” that includes images of Elvis Presley and music from the Louisiana Hayride.

Based on the exclusive IP Rights secured from Louisiana Hayride Archives for Elvis photos and music to use in one of their projects last December, Pepe Ape Yacht Club’s newest NFT collection, “PAYC Legends,” has finally been fully minted out as all the music and photos are accessible for their token holders. The first NFT project, “PAYC Genesis” is the first to receive the “Inspired by Bored Ape Yacht Club” blue check  on OpenSea.  PAYC Legends enables each NFT holder to enjoy commercial and non-commercial rights to the music clips and photos by stating that they are “courtesy of Louisiana Hayride Archives.” The photos and music are now viewable at

It is evident that in recent years, the popularity of non-fungible tokens or NFTs has been on the rise. These digital collectibles with a unique identification code allow seamless tracking of ownership of the token just as a VIN identifies a vehicle with its rightful owner. Pepe Ape Yacht Club is creating limited edition tokens using distinctive images and video clips licensed from the Louisiana Hayride Archives that can be kept as-is or “morph” into other images and advantages through the Pepe Ape Yacht Club platform for fun and unique entertainment. Each token, or NFT, has a special code that cannot be changed. This code serves as an identification for the token’s owner and any future investors who buy the token from them.

“Fondly known as “The Hillbilly Cat” or “The Memphis Flash”, Elvis Presley was true showmanship which is probably his most enduring legacy. He distinguished himself from other rock legends by having genuinely unique performing skills. As Elvis did with music, PAYC is forging new ground in the expanding NFT industry. “The Pepe Ape Yacht Club has gained a sizable following in the Web3 space thanks to its genuinely novel and cutting-edge offerings.”- Said Joey Kent, owner of the Louisiana Hayride archives.

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