To create a promising business opportunity for Cot’s girlfriend, the bird’s nest business expanded from an online store to a brick-and-mortar location in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong, 3rd Mar 2023 – In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to health. Because bird’s nest has a nourishing effect, it has always been a health product sought after by many people. In the ready-to-eat stew shop, behind the relationship between Aki, the founder of DamDambirdnest, there was another story. Aki also talked about the difficulties of turning from an online store to a physical store, and the unforgettable experience in the process.

Aki, the founder, used to work in a pharmacy. Once, he was introduced by a friend to buy a catty of bird’s nest. He planned to stew the bird’s nest for his girlfriend at home. The original intention was that his girlfriend was happy. Because the stew was too much that time, he invited other relatives and friends to taste it. Unexpectedly, they were so praised after eating, and asked Aki to sell bird’s nest to them. As a result, Aki successfully sold the first bottle of coconut stewed bird’s nest in his life, and also came up with the idea of developing the business of selling bird’s nest.

It’s not easy to apply for a license from the online store to the physical store.

Bird’s Nest was originally operated in the form of an online store, but because Aki was later prosecuted by the Food Environment Department for making food without a license, she could not sell goods in an online store. He then decided to make up his mind and jointly ventured 300,000 yuan with his friends to start the business of the bird’s nest physical store.

Aki said that the most difficult thing about turning from an online store to a physical store at that time was the lack of relevant experience, and he didn’t know how to get a food factory license. After several twists and turns, Aki finally succeeded in playing cards after being introduced by a friend. According to the requirements of the license, the decoration and equipment used in the store must meet the specifications of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. So they put the 300,000 yuan of the joint venture into the decoration of the store and the cost of buying bird’s nests, refrigerators, stew cups, etc. Aki laughed and said, “All the shares have been put into the business at once, just like gambling!”

Speaking of the most memorable experience when starting a business, Aki said frankly that he was a class of guests. At the beginning, he and his partner calculated that the company had to sell at least 10 bottles of bird’s nest every day to maintain the balance of income and expenditure. Fortunately, a group of guests living in Tuen Mun often participated in the group purchase, and after gathering about 10 to 20 guests to visit the order, Aki arranged a truck to transport multiple bottles of bird’s nest to Tuen Mun. In this way, on the one hand, it is convenient for customers, and on the other hand, it also enables the company to have a stable business volume. At that time, some guests even received the goods from the truck and then handed over with other guests, which moved Aki very much.

Develop to sell different kinds of snacks and continue to develop new products

It has been five years since the establishment of the bird’s nest, and now it has grown to nearly 20 employees and self-contained factories. The company now chooses triangular Yanzang from Indonesia. Because Indonesia has a large production of Yanzong, the price is better than that of the economy. In addition to bird’s nest, the company has also developed to sell different kinds of stews, desserts and snacks. Among them, the more popular products include spicy fresh abalone, collagen thick chicken soup, 3.6 milk stewed bird’s nest, hormone-free honey 3.6 milk stewed peach gum snow swallow and so on.

Aki has not considered opening a branch for the time being for fear that it will be overwhelmed or affect the quality of the product.

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