From Achille Bertelli to Matteo Bertelli: their success thanks to natural molecules


United States, 3rd Mar 2023 – You may be wondering who Achille Bertelli, the Italian entrepreneur and historical figure named in the last press note, is. Today you will finally find out!

Achille Bertelli was born in Brescia on January 6, 1855. At the age of 20, he successfully graduated in chemistry from the University of Pavia. From here, he decided it was time to quench his thirst for curiosity and knowledge, and thus began to travel ( ).

In 1877, two years after graduating, Achille Bertelli moved to North America in search of new challenges, with the goal of starting his own business.

Before long, thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and specialization in chemistry, Achille Bertelli opened his chemical-pharmaceutical laboratory in San Francisco, in 1879. This experience gave him the opportunity to acquire decisive skills and knowledge, which later led him to become a point of reference for other experts in the field.

Achille Bertelli’s American experience ended in 1884, when he decided to go back to Italy, specifically to Milan. Again, his entrepreneurial essence emerged: within a few years, he opened a chemical and pharmaceutical factory there. The real innovation in his doing consisted not simply in opening his own business, but in the actions he put in place to advertise his business on a large scale. The approach he applied was innovative and little used at that time, strengthened through the collaboration with his friend Gabriele d’Annunzio, one of the most important Italian poets of the 20th century. 

Keep in mind that all this happened in the early 1900s, when the world was undergoing a phase of growth and revolution: back then, the main concern was to develop and evolve industry and productivity, certainly not to carry out communication activities. This is where Achille Bertelli’s personality and foresight emerged and stood out: in fact, in 1898, he did not miss the opportunity to turn his factory into a chemical-pharmaceutical company: the “A. Bertelli,” of which he, of course, was president.  

A person might rightly think, “Yes, but who knows how many chemical-pharmaceutical companies must have been born in that period, characterized by strong industrial development!” But therein lies the real success of Achille Bertelli, and the cause that prompted Dr. Matteo Bertelli ( ) to follow in the footsteps of this interesting entrepreneurial figure.

Unlike the other products on the market, Achille Bertelli’s were purely based on natural extracts. In a world where slowly everything natural-based was being replaced with something artificial, Achille Bertelli decided to go against the grain and create products with high added value. To quote one example: his cough pills based on tar, called “Bertelli’s Catramine,” which were highly appreciated by the elite of his contemporary society—including scientists and intellectuals. 

Thus, it can be said that the real cause of Achille Bertelli’s success can be found in the much-vaunted natural molecules, the common denominator that unites the figure of Achille Bertelli with that of today’s Dr. Matteo Bertelli, and which enabled their success.

This is why the GARLIVE line of supplements was developed: GARLIVE Recovery ( and GARLIVE Oral Spray (, both available on Amazon ( ).

The strength of these products lies in their concentrated formula, that is, these dietary supplements contain more polyphenols than two cups of extra virgin olive oil. Moreover, GARLIVE Recovery also contains high dosages of vitamins—including, for example, vitamins from the B, C, and D groups (one tablet contains more vitamins than 14 ounces of fruit).  

A practical and innovative solution, bringing well-being to people’s bodies and preventing the onset of certain diseases.

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